We are a go-to team comprising young, dynamic and disciplined souls, who have willingly stepped out of our ordinary worlds to make a difference in yours.

Equipped with sharp minds, immense creativity, systematic execution and an incredible eye for detail, backed by passion and hard work, we stop at nothing short of perfection.

We meticulously plan your idea, and ensure it leaves an unforgettable impression in every mind. It's not just about the stage, lighting or sound, at Meld Events, we strive to blend every component to fit in perfectly.

While we have serviced clients across a variety of events and marketing activities, we specialise in events conceptualization, execution, guest hospitality management and brand activation. For most of our clients, we are a one-stop-shop for everything experiential marketing.

We want exactly what you want: to leave an unforgettable impression in every mind.

Experiential Marketing services vary from client to client and experience to experience. Below are a few popular and effective formats that we can customise and design specifically for you.

Core Team

We're a lean-team-productivity machine! We work together and independently to handle our diverse clients and their very specific needs. We're a startup that's in it for the right results, brought about the right away. That's something we're looking for in everyone that's a part of us.

A quiet worker with a unique sense for growth and business development, Rijo brings stability to the core team with his work ethic and his approach to clients. Always patient, a great listener and the critical minded 'Why-Asker' of the team.

Rijo Ealias
Director - Business Development

The free spirit, the creative mind, and the rule-bender, Sicily is the client anchor - they just never leave after they've worked with her! She breaks a brief down to the complete basics, and puts herself in everyone's shoes to best understand a project. As Director of Events, she's always got a finger on Dubai's event pulse, so look out for her!

Sicily George
Director - Events

Kiran is the Master of Event Operations! He's a problem solver, a quick-thinker and zeroes his attention onto a client's every logistical need. Kiran also handles the company's accounts and finances, and keeps us under check when we go overboard with our slightly impractical passion projects.

Kiran Joseph
Director - Operations

Lawrence is our young, bright Events Coordinator that keeps things moving behind the scenes. Quick follow-ups, diligent with his databases, and he always knows who to call to get a job done! We'd be stuck without him almost any day of the week, any time of the year.

Lawrence Joseph
Events Coordinator
We are always on the lookout for talented people to contribute.

Why Choose Us?

cost effective

We’re cost effective. Our overheads are relatively small. We drink instant coffee and still have a kettle in the office. So our cost to you won’t have to cover that fancy new digital butler machine.

Flat, fast & Flexible

We’re Flat,fast & Flexible. Decisions are quick,changes are understood and the bosses are deeply involved. Nobody rests until we’ve achieved our target - individually, and as a team.

really value you

We really value you. We’re building relationships - we value every client and every job - big or small. We make the time and take the effort to make sure you enjoy working with us, and you come back!

innovative and hands-on

We’re innovative and hands-on. We work with humble resources, give every job our all and more. We thrive on a collaborative, creative work culture. You’ll see the difference.

driven & ambitious

We’re driven & ambitious. Everyone on the team works either towards doing big, great things, or towards doing small things in great ways. This translates to a job well done - every single time.

in it for love

We’re in it for love. Our team is carefully constructed. Everyone loves what they do and everyone’s got the entrepreneurship in-built. We’re on a mission to spread that love for success everywhere we go!

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The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place

-George Bernard Shaw

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